Torisha Dozier | Staff Writer

American Idol has been in search for new judges since the departure of former judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, and recent reports suggest that rapper Nicki Minaj will fill one of the position, for all of her “Barbs” and “Ken Barbs” to watch her next January.

Minaj, 29 rose to fame after joining Young Money Cash Money, led by rapper Lil Wayne. Often accused of copying female rapper, Lil Kim’s style, Minaj caught the attention of the public not only with her risqué verses, but also her personal style, multiple personalities, creative wigs and costume.
A concern for many American Idol viewers is, “How will a rapper be capable of judging a singing competition?” In the entertainment business what truly matters is the public opinion, considering the fact that it will be the ones tuning in to watch the show.

Meredith Willis, a freshman majoring in Chemistry feels outraged that American Idol would select Minaj to take the conspired position. “How can a rapper judge a singing competition,” asked Willis.
On the contrary, an anonymous source felt differently on the subject.  “Nick Minaj would definitely spice up the Idol stage with her contagious personality. I, along with other excited viewers, can’t wait to see what different elements she will bring to the table.”
At the end of the day, entertainment is meant to entertain the viewers.   Whether one is optimistic about Minaj’s role as a judge on Idol or outraged on the artist’s new career endeavor, one thing that can be done is to wait and see what happens!