D’Andra Troy | Campus Style Correspondent


Alpha: being the most prominent, talented, or aggressive person in a group. What better word than alpha to describe the weekly most fashionable wolf in the N.C. State Wolf pack? Alpha Corner will be the space designated to recognize the person that displays the most sense of fashion on campus. Because fashion sense is highly subjective, let us first address what my definition of a fashion sense is.

Fashion is not an opportunity for one to perfect their ability to “monkey see, monkey do” or in our case “wolf see, wolf do.” Someone with a fashion sense does not mimic what he or she sees. They utilize the realm of fashion as a way in which they can describe and express themselves. They develop a sense of self that sets them apart and most importantly, they dress their behinds off. In other words, they are the alpha, hence Alpha Corner.

Now, with that out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. I am D’Andra Troy, a freshman majoring in psychology. What makes me an expert in fashion? I may not literally be an expert but I have a passion for fashion and it definitely takes one to know one. I can spot someone with that passion from a mile away.

Personally, I live by the strong belief that even a broke college student can look fashionable; utilize what you have. As an avid “thrifty shopper” I know that a five-dollar shopping spree can look like a hundred-dollar one. I do not believe the label makes the fashion rather the wearer of the labels, or lack there of does. That being said, you do not have to have on Louis V’s to be in the Alpha Corner; however, if you rock them in a fashionable way what can I say, Alpha? I won’t discriminate based on costs, just based on fashion.

After this week this section will be equipped with a picture of a fellow wolf headlining as alpha. If you feel that that will be you then get ready because I will find you. Just make sure your fashion says that you are ready to lead the pack!