Wolf TV was started in 1999 as a campus movie channel under Communications Technologies Student Services. In 2005, a decision was made to change the channel, which featured student-produced content. Two years later, a student Wolf TV organization was formed and discussions began with Student Media to fully take over control of the channel. Today, Wolf TV is primarily an online-based outlet, which provides high-quality programming primarily by and for students around campus.

One of the biggest issues that the channel faces today is making sure that the campus knows that it available for them, as well as strategically deciding its clear cut mission.

Maurizo Lewis, next year’s general manager of Wolf TV has deemed the upcoming school year a “really important year,” in determining the future of Wolf TV.

Aside from expressing his excitement about taking on his new position, Lewis had this to say about what the campus community can expect of Wolf TV.

“We definitely will be covering a lot of events next year and also partnering with a lot of organizations on campus next year to get our name out there.” In the rebuilding stages of Wolf TV, Lewis’ main focus is ultimately on making the campus, “ more aware and more involved in the organization,” something that Lewis is confident he can do, largely because of his “core staff that are also excited about the job.”

This year, Wolf TV has aired special coverage of NC State making into the NCAA, The Taste of Italy hosted by Fountain Dining Hall earlier in the semester, as well as the Lie-Nielson Hand Tool Event. Check out ncsu.edu/wolftv where you can explore the Wolf TV archives, and see all of the latest Wolf TV specials.