President Barack Obama will be making another trip to the Triangle tomorrow when he makes at stop at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he speak on student loans and the rising cost of higher education. This will be one of three stops he will be making throughout the country at College campuses. Other stops include Iowa and Colorado. Even though the President won both states in 2008, it is believed that these states will be highly contested against Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

The President’s last visit to the state was in March. He visited the NC State Campus in September where he spoke on the subject of the American Jobs Act. In the 2008 election, college aged students were a very important factor in Obama’s victory against John McCain.

The interest rate for Subsidized Stafford Loans will double in July unless congress halts the hike. These loans are normally issue to low – middle income undergraduates.

President Obama will also be taping a segment for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show which will air tomorrow night.