This weekend, the NC State Wolfpack Men’s Basketball team surged in the NCAA tournament to advance to the Sweet 16 after defeating both San Diego State and Georgetown University. Since then the Wolfpack nation has been buzzing about the win, and the new anthem for the team to celebrate their run in the tournament.

The new anthem for the team entitled “Wolfpack Back” was released this past weekend by NC State alum Keyuntae Ward. The song salutes the team, and pays tribute to the late Jim “Jimmy V” Valvano who coached the men’s basketball team from 1980- 1990, and lead the team to an 1983 NCAA Championship. Within two days of the release of the single, “Wolfpack Back” has managed to score close to 15,000 views on youtube.

When asked what motivated him to make the song, Ward said “I was motivated by the greatness in our NC State Men’s Basketball team. We have played very well and overcame a lot of things this season. I felt as if I needed to make something to show my appreciation for the team’s hard work. I’m an alumnus of the university and I’m very proud to say this is my home.”

After the San Diego State game, Ward congratulated CJ Williams via Twitter. He asked Williams if he should go ahead and make the song, and Williams pushed him to do it. The two had previously been enrolled in a class a couple of years ago.

On Saturday, Keyuntae says that he thought of the entire song, and went to the studio a couple of hours later and recorded it. It was released around 12:30 AM on Sunday morning to the team and the public.

It appears that the song has been a big hit around campus, and has been reshared multiple times on the “Wolfpack Students” facebook group, as well as Twitter.

“The basketball team deserves to be where they are and deserve to have an anthem; I wish them the best,” Ward said.

The NC State basketball team will face Kansas University on Friday at 10:17 pm. Check Local Listings.

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