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Honestly, what is christmas without music? This playlist will set the mood for all the family reunion, the Christmas turn-up and all the types of gifts you may be receiving under the mistletoe. Everything from Chris Brown, Justin Bieber to Kanye West himself.

  1. This Christmas – Chris Brown
    • This is the only christmas song you can leave on repeat all year long, so it’s obvious why it’s at the top of the playlist. Originally performed by Donny Hathaway in 1970, this masterpiece was redone by Chris Brown for the film “The Christmas” in 2007. You will be soothed as you close your eyes and be serenaded by the sweet voice of Chris Brown.
  2. Sleigh Ride – TLC
    • It’s not a LIT-mas without a song from one of best R&B girl groups of all time. This hop of rendition of the infamous Christmas carol will transport you back to the era of baggy jeans as your Coogi sweaters keeps you warm. As this funky beat fills the air, watch the snowflakes fall down your window pane.
  3. Let it Snow – Boyz II Men
    • If you truly want to be in the gift giving mood with your bae, this is definitely the song for you. This R&B rendition of America’s favorite winter wonderland song wouldn’t sound anywhere near as good without the Grammy award winning vocals from Boyz II Men. This will have you and your bae running to the mistletoe as soon as you hit that play button.
  4. 8 Days of Christmas – Destiny’s Child
    • Before the Beyhive was even conceived, there was an all girl trio that shook the world. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle sing their own modified version of “12 days of Christmas,” listing all the things their boo thangs gave them this holiday season. Ladies play this for your man if you really think he’s having trouble showing you some appreciation this season or just want to throw it back to Destiny’s Child.
  5. The Christmas Song – Justin Bieber ft. Usher
    • After Purpose dropped last November, Bieber instantly picked me up as a fan. This Christmas Carol dating back to 1945 was originally popularized by the voice of Nat King Cole, but it got a hot spin from Justin Bieber and his mentor, Usher. As you listen make sure to look out for harmonization of two great vocalist over a stunning guitar solo that will make your heart melt. They definitely set the Christmas tree in the studio on fire in the process of recording this track.
  6. Santa Claus is Coming To Town – The Jackson 5
    • The only song you will probably hear in Macy’s, Belk and JCPenney this season will be this ode to Mr. Claus by the unstoppable Jackson 5. Nothing tops young Michael and his brothers jamming out in this ode to Saint Nick.
  7. All I Want for Christmas Is You (So, So Def Remix) – Mariah Carey ft Jermaine Dupri & Bow Wow
    • Obviously, everyone has heard the Mariah Carey’s original Christmas anthem, but did you know that there was a remix? It’s lit! Yes, the original is on the playlist but make sure to check out this “So So Def” remix with your favorite elementary school rapper, Lil Bow Wow. It’s definitely a refreshing switch-up to the already Christmas classic that your grandma can two-step to as you milly-rock the night away this Christmas Eve.
  8. Someday at Christmas – Stevie Wonder
    • Speaking of grandparents, the needle has probably dropped on this record in your grandparents house. Wonder’s winter ballad may make you shed a tear as he asks for peace, the end of world hunger, and unity. It’s upsetting that a lot of things that Wonder wished for in ‘67 are some of the same things are community is asking for this holiday season.
  9. Give Love on Christmas Day – The Jackson 5
    • Yes, The Jackson 5’s Christmas album is so good that I had to put two of their songs on the playlist. In the midst of all of department store sales, the Space Jams dropping this December and eggnog milkshakes at Cookout, it is so easy to forget about the true meaning of Christmas. The Jackson 5 is back on the playlist reminding the world that this season isn’t about buying, it’s about the gift of giving.
  10. Christmas in Harlem – Kanye West ft. Prynce Cy Hi & Teyanna Taylor
    • Who knew that Yeezus had made a song for celebrate the birth of Jesus? This GOOD Music hit was released in December of 2010 and fits this Chrztmz Szn in true Kanye Fashion. Be transported to the snowy streets of Harlem as Kanye, Prince Cy Hi and Teyanna Taylor take us on a smooth cruise uptown. The GOOD Music Trio have gave our generation our own “Christmas in Hollis” with this tribute to Christmas in the big apple. Don’t worry, “Christmas in Hollis” is also on this playlist.


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