Over the weekend, Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney regained his momentum as the presumed presidential nominee after beating his arch rivals in the Nevada caucus. the victory came a week after his Florida victory. The win was a push for many to continue to presume Mitt Romney the Republican front runner to take on President Obama in the presidential election this upcoming November. Mitt now has three victories with Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich splitting the other two contests 1-1. Despite Mitt’s victory and despite the fact that in countless polls he is the only one with the strongest support and the one shown to be able to beat President Obama in the November election. In fact, on one poll last week projected a close contest between Romney and President Obama, in a dead heat contest with Romney leading 47% to 46%.

Even with all these facts, Gingrich, Santorum and Ron Paul have vowed to stay in the race. Perhaps they believe that the upcoming primaries and Super Tuesday will be the game changer. As Romney gains more victories he becomes more and more confident that he can defeat President Obama. However, Romney’s reign of victory, might not continue to November, and this is due to the President’s recent climb in the polls.

Of course it is too early to predict the future of the Romney Campaign. However, the latest ABC/Washington Post Poll projects that among registered voters, the president leads Romney 51% to 45%. I am not sure how but this his could sway many Republicans towards Rick Santorum or even Newt Gingrich.

The other candidates may begin to claim that even Romney is unlikely to beat Obama in the November election and they could attack his moderateness. Though unlikely, for some reason there is a feeling that Mitt Romney will not become the Republican Presidential nominee. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich will more than likely destroy each other with aheir aggressive attacks, making Rick Santorum becoming the most desirable candidate among Republican voters. There is a divide in the Republican Party right now and it is mostly based on Romney being able to win the supports of Conservative Republicans. If Romney is the nominee, Republicans will unite around him. But will conservatives? The problem of the Republican Party lies on the strength and weakness of the Republican Party. If Mitt Romney becomes the nominee many conservatives might not vote for him during the election, but if Rick Santorum becomes the nominee, it is hard to predict whether Moderate Republicans would vote for him. It is unclear to see any values that Moderates can hold Santorum to, while Conservatives on the other hand, will grail Romney.