Lines of tables adorned the entryway into Talley Ballroom this past Wednesday night with a plethora of established and emerging designers from Raleigh and surrounding areas standing by their babies; No, not children, but pieces from their brand new 2012 Spring collections. The unique and refreshing clothing were the stars of the night, beautifully handcrafted and tailor-made, eyes fixated on them upon entry and on the grand stage inside. The fashion show was entitled: The “Re-Birth” Part 3: Vintage meets Indie. The crowd was packed and the hosts engaged the audience’s interest even more with prizegiveaways. The lights were bright, the cameras were rolling, so it was time for some action, or fashion in this case.

The first model stepped out and strutted down the runway wearing pieces from the

Backstabbers Clothing line. As illustrated by her provocative print leggings, this line was designed for the edgy, bold, and person “who had been backstabbed” and wanted to make a statement. The beautiful models were diverse, including many students from Nc State, Black Finesse Modeling Troupe, and models of numerous ethnicities, sizes, and heights. Each model strutted down the runway, usually stopping in the middle to pose for pictures. Some models looked nervous but it was easy to see that some models lived for the spotlight. Other lines that were showcased included DemauriDa, Standout Vintage, GAP, and Rare: Killers of the Common. The pieces ranged from young, party looks to fancy formal wear and edgy chic outfits. Sophomore Julian Cobb who attended the show proclaimed that his “favorite part of the show was when the participants modeled the clothes from Gap. It was helpful to see the latest fashion trends up close and personal from a clothing store that [he] enjoyed shopping at.”

It was clear that each line was a celebration of individuality and uniqueness. Each line represented a sense of confidence, heritage and courage, bearing pieces that enhanced and showcased each model’s personality and overall look. The show also included performances from R&B singer/songwriter Keith and a creative museum-themed performance from Black Finesse Modeling Troupe. Each piece of clothing could not only be found online for sale, but were for sale in the entryway into the Ballroom. The products ranged from bags, hats, varsity jackets, dresses, illustrations, t-shirts, and much more. When asked about his favorite and least favorite aspects of the show, Sophomore Cameron Buck said “I didn’t like the mix of models and people that wanted to wear the clothes…the non-models. I liked how they had clothes for sale there [however] and how they had performances during the show even though the singing one wasn’t great, it was still a good fit.” After all the lines had been showcased, the local, young professionals and designers who worked hard to put the show together came out to give thanks and receive applause for their outstanding work and talents.

It may have been another ordinary Thursday night around campus, but everyone in attendance of the show was able to get a piece of the grandeur and electric elements of the fashion world that exists in places like New York, right here at State.