The Christmas season is right around the corner as shopping has begun. If you are like me it is probably is a hassle trying to figure out what to buy as a gift. Below I am going to list and explain the top 5 things that I’m sure you probably can’t go wrong in giving anyone, at this time of year.

5. Gift Card.

As we all know money is never the worst gift to give. Anyone would love to receive money whether it is in the form of paper or a VISA or an AMEX credit card. Not only will a gift card be beneficial for the receiver of the gift, it is also easy for you to obtain. You won’t even have to question if the recipient will be appreciative of your gift.

4. Boots.

I know this seem like an odd gift to add to the top list of things to get but oddly enough boots are on some people’s Christmas list this year. If you have not noticed it’s starting to get cold and females are starting to change their wardrobes to match the season. And almost every girl who walks around campus has at least one pair of boots they have worn already. However you may be wondering, why give boots when people already wearing some, well because boots are just like regular shoes. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one pair, especially in different color and style. So help protect someone’s feet for the winter by buying them boots. And don’t limit that gift to just females; guys still wear boots as well, just not the knee high boots.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Now this may be just a one-sided gift but I’m sure it’s a gift that will excite many men, and women, if they have not already pre-ordered this game. Call of Duty, according to, is a single person shooter game which tells the continued storyline of the US forces struggling with the invasion of the Russian Federation. This game can be played online with other players which makes it more exciting. This game was just released yesterday, November 8, 2011, and can be played on PC, Xbox, and PS3.

2.iPhone 4S.

Many people have been supporting the Android, but once word has gotten out about Sprint launching the iPhone 4S some have been jumping on the Sprint bandwagon. The iPhone has a new Dual-Core A5 chip, an 8-megapixel camera, as well as a front facing camera. Talk time can last up to 8 hours a charge. This phone compared to the iPhone 4 has better reception. Stay in contact with your family and friends by asking for this item as a gift.

1. Tablet.

A tablet is the newest edition to the technical world that soon many people, especially college students, will join. The tablet in short terms, is pretty much like an enlarged Smartphone and a laptop without the keyboard wrapped in one. Since it is sleek and easier to carry around compared to the laptop, it’s an essential gift that anyone wouldn’t mind receiving. The tablet comes in different sizes, colors, and different manufactures. Most to all of them have a front facing camera for you to be able to video chat, and there is plenty of storage space. You can’t go wrong in asking for a tablet as well as giving one this Christmas.

All of these items are items that are considered to be great gifts for this Christmas season. Whether it is asked for or not, I’m sure no one would be upset if any of these items were given to them. So go ahead and get into the holiday giving spirit early and be a blessing into someone else’s life.