Dear Nubian Queen,

Before coming to college I attended church on a regular basis and enjoyed the worship experience. I am a sophomore this year and I have not been attending church like I should and I am afraid that my relationship with God is growing more distance. What should I do?



Dear Christian,

Many college students around our campus are faced with the same dilemma. Prior to coming to college every Sunday we knew that we were going to church either by choice or parental force. Now that we have this new found freedom the choice is ours and many of us that went on a regular basis fail to do so now. Ultimately, our religion shapes the way that we view the world and handle different problems that may surface.

College is a place filled with countless temptations in respect to sex, drugs, alcohol, and hosts of other issues. We as humans are growing, developing, evolving, and learning on a day to day basis and your relationship with God should be doing this as well. Many of us can party on Fridays and Saturdays and do not have the will power to wake up and go to church the following morning, it happens. It is quite simple, if you want to rekindle your relationship with the lord then remain faithful. Going to church every Sunday does not mean that you are living the Christian lifestyle but is definitely the first place to start.

I know this may seem difficult but it is not impossible. Surround yourself with positive individuals that share similar beliefs as you. You all can pray together, attend bible study, and worship on Sunday mornings. Our campus offers phenomenal religious resources that include Charisma Church Ministry, Peace Church, Campus Crusade, as well as local churches in the Triangle area. I hope that you find a Christian community that supports your spiritual journey as you meet the valleys and mountains of life.


Nubian Queen