On Tuesday, August 16th Student Government hosted the first annual Respect the Pack Event. The event was a response to the controversy that occurred in the summer surrounding a derogatory and offensive racial slur found in the The Brick, which was a student traditions booklet passed out to students during New Student Orientation. On July 8th, an incoming student and his parents discovered the racial slur in the booklet and contacted Parents and Family Services. Students, faculty, and staff came up with a decision to place a sticker over it so that it could continue to be distributed.

Over the past couple of years there have been several incidents in the tunnel directed at several groups primarily the African American community and the GLBT community. The most memorable incident in the tunnel occurred when offensive racial slurs were found in the tunnel that were directed at President Obama following his victory in the 2008 election.

Many students, faculty, and staff came out to the event to paint the tunnel in unity to speak out against hateful and offensive speech that has been found in the tunnel in the past. NC State University is an institution that values diversity, equality, and mutual respect for all. There was free popcorn, shaved ice, music, and entertainment from groups such as Acappology. Dr. Nacoste and Chancellor Woodward also spoke at the event to the attendees.