By Madavia Johnson/Staff Writer

Reach out and Touch is a new organization on campus that focuses on public service and peer involvement. It was established by a few of our Fellow NC State Students who attended a sophomore trip to LIA, which inspired them to get involved. They consulted with each other and one idea led to another great idea; they were sure to include peer involvement. With the help and consultation of Ms. Toni Thorpe Reach out and Touch were on their way of establishing a constitution and becoming a n official NC State University organization. Reach out and Touch meets once a month and, has a rapidly growing membership of nearly 45 people showed up to their first general body meeting. This new organization has been getting a lot of hype around NC States community. This is not an African American based organization, however the E-board is predominately Black. They encourage people of all races to attend and be an asset to the community. Reach Out and Touch build its principles off of civic responsibility and service; which is why they chose not to charge their members, but they welcome any donations.
One of their upcoming events will have Mr. Nick Cooney as a guest speaker to reflect on “The Importance of Being Involved” I think everyone should attend this event and become more active on campus. It is one thing to make good grades and another to be involved; jobs are looking for well-rounded people. Reach Out and Touch have wonderful future plans of Adopting a family, Service Raleigh, Tutoring, Feeding the Homeless, Shoe Boxes of Love, MLK service day challenge. They have plenty more events to add to help them fulfill their civic duties. You can keep a look out for this organization by adding them on Orgsync: Reach Out and Touch, Twitter: ReachOutandTouch and Facebook: Reach Out and Touch.
I am glad to see that African American students at NC State University are getting involved and becoming leaders around campus. Through the years people have tried to oppress us and demean our intelligence, but as a race we shall move mountains and become leaders and carry ourselves as the Kings and Queens that we are destined to be.