By Jasmine Chadmon/Copy Editor

Thursday, February 10th, the African American Cultural Center and the Xi Zeta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, Inc. hosted a Read-In to promote literacy and awareness. The topic of the night: Let’s Talk about Langston (Langston Hughes).  The program opened with a welcome done by Mr. Cameron Johnson followed by a brief description of the purpose of “Read-Ins” and a little history on them.  Afterwards, Mr. Trevon Nelson soulfully performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing” followed by a selection performed by Uninhibited Praise entitlted “Even Me.” After a wonderful prayer by Mr. Elvin James, food was served.

The serving menu for the night consisted of rice, black beans, macaroni and cheese, chicken, punch, and more. The guest speaker of the night was Dr. Jason Miller, an NC State professor. Miller discussed his book “Langston Hughes and the American Lynching Culture,” which is available at the bookstore. Poems such as “Mother to Son,” “A Dream Deferred,” as well as “Dreams” were passionately read throughout the presentation. Dr. Miller described in depth the upbringing of Langston Hughes and the meaning behind his various poems which was followed by a Q&A session. He inspired many by addressing the fact that Langston Hughes was a renown poet by the age of 19.

The night concluded with a book signing by Miller. A glimpse of Langston Hughes’ character as well as his talent was a notable feature of the night. The read in was an event that was well perceived by the audience and is in the works to become a regular event in the coming years.