By Jasmine Harris/Managing Editor

There is barely a week left until the mid-term elections and early voting is well underway. However, the lack of motivation and participation from the African American voters appears to be seriously lacking.

It appears that many Democratic and/or Barack Obama supporters that were so motivated and dedicated to “CHANGE” during the 2008 election are staying away from the polls because they either do not realize or forgot that change would not happen immediately. Could it be that people do not understand how important mid-term elections are; all elections for that matter? Unfortunately, “CHANGE” does not happen overnight. It will take a lot more than two years to reverse the conditions caused by the previous administration. Namely, the US economy as a whole. Voters also aren’t aware that the main reason changes have been happening so slowly is because of Republican filibustering and using whatever tactics at their disposal to simply hold up any and all things that the Obama Administration attempts to put into play. Health care and education reform, among many other things, are so vitally needed for our nation and have been fought since implementation.

Another thing that citizens do not realize is how easily change can slip through the nation’s fingers. With this election. the Republican Party can easily be put into control in Washington by its supporters, especially since it seems that a number of democrats are deciding not to vote or to vote republican because they don‘t “SEE” change. Change has happened; a lot of which is for the better good of the nations’s future. One should take the time to find out what those changes are before deciding not to vote.

One should also consider the result of not voting. Things would drastically change in Washington and therefore would drastically change for the nation. Everything positive that President Obama is attempting to do would be reversed and all it would take is a Republican majority. Republicans already seek to assure that President Obama only serve one-term, so that the changes in health care, minimum wage, education funds, etc. would revert back to the way they were before his administration. The rich would continue to get richer, the middle class would become the, and the poor would diminish and to die.

North Carolina State University students, I employ you remember the night that President Obama was elected. A movement was started across campus which traveled to the bell tower chanting his name as it was felt that he was going to help our nation. It is our opportunity and duty to help our nation by heading the polls for this midterm election. The closest early voting site to campus is the Chavis Heights Community Center off of Martin Luther King Boulevard. The closest site to vote on November 2nd is Freedom Temple Church on Royal Street. I believe we will benefit as a nation if this administration can complete the work it has started. I hope that you all understand that your vote will make a great difference and everyone should exercise their voting right regardless of who their preferences are.