Bass bumping through the studio walls, lyrics running through his head, singing from his heart in the booth, 8 bars here, 16 bars there…and a masterpiece from the soul is created.

“It’s like everything I do can be interpreted through music…I can’t imagine my everyday life without it, he said.  “Music is like food to my soul.”

Mike Elemba discovered he had fallen in love with music when he realized he had the talent to be successful in the industry.  Not only does he sing, but he plays instruments as well.  However, his understanding of how much music can affect people’s lives is the most intriguing aspect of this artistry.

M-Bass has been performing locally recently in an effort to gain more experience and recognition in the world of music.  Bass embraces the opportunity to showcase all the hard work that he has put into all of his music.  Several doors have opened for the artist since he has begun to perform at different events.  Bass has also performed locally at Dorton Arena, weddings, birthdays, church events, and the Back to School Jam on campus recently.  He is a perfect example of how practice makes perfect. He has also had great exposure to various local and major artists such as Bow Wow, Day 26, P Diddy, and Ryan Leslie.

Mbass is a part of Minor Crisis Entertainment, a local production, promotion, and management company for aspiring artists.  It was founded in the spring of 2009, and since has begun to become a major movement with a growing base of supporters and fans.

M-Bass is currently working on an album that has specific qualities that sets it apart from other local artists.  It is too often that some artists are afraid to take a risk and expose themselves and their audience to different sounds and genres…well Mbass isn’t one of them.  It is admirable that he can take many sounds and turn it into to something that is his own as well as likeable.

“If I could interpret my album in one word, it would be eclipse, like when the sun and the moon become one creating something very different, he said.  “I look at it as two different people…two different personalities combining to create something different…a shock, diverse, and new, it tells two different sides of me…Mbass is the party yet sexy and elegant.”

Countless hours in the studio with both sides of Mbass have gone into making this album, so it is appropriate that its title is “Mbass in the making.”  The Minor Crisis singles are posted on Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube, and have been receiving great response from listeners.

So to what great legends do we owe the influence upon this rising star?  Greats like Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, and Musiq Soulchild are all inspirations to Mbass.  Other icons such as The Dream, Raheem Davaughn, and Ryan Leslie have also played a part in the making of Mbass.

We can expect great things from this local artist in the future.  His drive, hard work, determination, and raw talent are proof enough that his dream to be one of the greatest artists is well on its way to coming true.  Be on the lookout for up and coming artists from Minor Crisis, and if you want to know more check out the Minor Crisis Entertainment Facebook group for more information.