The 100 Black Affair was truly a night of elegance. The Collegiate chapter of 100 Black Men of America Inc. in conjunction with Women Empowering Society Together (W.E.S.T.) sponsored their first annual 100 Black Affair: A Night of Elegance semi-formal. This event served as a fundraiser for both the 100 Black Men and W.E.S.T organizations. It was also a “chance to give students the opportunity to enjoy great food, entertainment and people right before dead week.” 100 Black Men along with W.E.S.T are both service based organizations, so the funds that were raised from this event will help N.C. State as well as the Raleigh community. The funds raised will help both organizations do more for the community at large which is their goal.

DJ Nominal from WKNC 88.1 was the guest DJ who provided the event with its up tempo sounds that kept someone on the dance floor at all times. DJ Nominal played songs that gave the crowd a mixture of old school music as well as new school. He had people doing such popular dances as the “Cupid Shuffle” and “Electric Slide,” not to mention the “Stanky Leg” and “The Roy.”

Warren Rhem, senior in agricultural business management and president of N.C. State’s 100 Black Men, said that the best part of the night was “During the middle of the event when the place was packed.” He also said, “As I walked through it made me feel good that so many people came out and supported our organizations.” As a graduating senior, Rhem hopes that the 100 Black Affair will become an annual event that students can look forward to year after year.

This night of elegance was filled with individuals who dressed semi-formal as well as formal. On the semi-formal end, the girls wore colorful sundresses, nice skirts and fitted blouses and short flirty dresses. Some of the semi-formal guys’ attire consisted of slacks and polo shirts some accompanied by a vest or sweater of some sort. On the other side of the spectrum, there were individuals who went the more formal route. Those individuals had on suits with bow ties and vest to match as well as full length formal prom gowns. Imani Brodie, junior in biological engineering with an environmental engineering concentration said, “I saw the semi-formal and the formal on the invite, so I said what the heck! I’m going formal.” Brodie had on a formal black and cream satin full length dress.

Antoinette Russell, senior in communication with a public relations concentration, was the photographer of the night. She roamed the crowd taking candid snapshots of people as they danced, ate and socialized.

This 100 Black Affair was truly a night to remember. There was great music, tasty food, and good socialization. Both organization, 100 Black Men and W.E.S.T. fulfilled their vision of providing a “night of elegance” that was a success.

Stephanie Sherer, sophomore psychology and Africana studies major as well as a member of W.E.S.T., said “it was a very sophisticated event. Everyone looked nice and seemed to be enjoying themselves, so overall the event was a great success!” The members of both organizations are excited about this becoming an annual event and they are glad that the way things turned out this year.