After thinking about the many things that rub me the wrong way about people, particularly people on campus, I compiled a top three. I thought about all the issues as a whole and concluded that the root of the problem comes from our individualized driven society. People are so caught up in themselves that they can’t possibly consider the feelings of others, while going about their daily lives.

Number 1: Talking during class. I find this insanely rude and can’t think of one reason why adults find it necessary to talk while an instructor is teaching. Not only is it disrespectful, but it is robbery by a different name. High school is free to students. Yes, tax dollars fund high school, but students don’t pay out of pocket, per se. In college we are all making sacrifices in one form or another to pay for our education, and it is not fair to have to hear people talk about their weekend while a professor lectures on test material. If you don’t find the class interesting or don’t care enough to listen, you shouldn’t infringe on the rights of other students to learn and succeed.

Number 2: Talking loudly on your cell phone on the Wolfline. Riding the Wolfline can be a bittersweet experience; sometimes it’s crowded and there’s no room to get off, then there are times when there is no one riding but you and the driver. You can listen to your iPod or simply reflect on the day. I personally use it as a time to unwind or rev up from or for whatever tasks are ahead or behind me. I find it very disturbing when I have to hear one side of an argument between someone and their family member or significant other; not only is this rude to the people who have to listen, but it breeches your personal confidentiality and privacy.

Number 3: Listening to your iPod as loud as it can possibly go. iPods are arguably one of the greatest inventions; they are small, compact, and personal, but not everyone cares to listen to Tupac or Carrie Underwood while sitting next to you in the dining hall or five minutes before class starts. Listening to your music too loudly is rude.

In no way am I saying you should make your every move ever so slightly so that no one knows you exist, but I do believe you should put yourself in the place of those around you before you do certain things. College is a place of freedom and self-expression, but you shouldn’t infringe on the rights of others. These things may seem small and petty, but I know I am not alone in feeling this way. This university is great; but, I do believe we can make it better by implementing the small things that our mothers taught us as little children. So, the next time you get ready to talk loudly on your cell phone while riding the Wolfline or blast Lil’ Wayne, ask yourself didn’t my mother teach me better?