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The Soul Social

On Wednesday April 5, during NC State’s 51st Pan-Afrikan week, NCSU’s Black Student Board (BSB) held The Soul Social featuring bubbles, vision boards, yoga, plants and much more. With the best of the 2000s blasting, students...

#MelaninPopping: SAAC Preaches Self-Care

The intimate event was dedicated to self-care, specifically through face masks; emphasizing the importance of relaxation, especially as African-Americans attending a predominantly white institution (PWI).

Film, Discussion Centers Self-Image and Illusions in Media

In observance of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the Women’s Center, Student Health Services and Counseling Center hosted a screening and discussion of “The Illusionists” (dir. Elena Rossini, 2015), a documentary that examines the relationship between the media, capitalism, beauty and self-image from a global perspective.

Q&A with Symone Sanders

Nubian Message sat with Symone Sanders, the 2019 MLK Commemoration speaker, to talk politics, her path to success and what it means to be an effective politician.

Self-Care is Not the Only Radical Act

A famous quote by author Audre Lorde says, ‘Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Nubian Message used this quote as the cover for our self-care issue because of how much it resonated with my fellow colleagues. But there is an even more radical action: the act of caring for others.

Staff Editorial: Self-Care Is Not Self-indulgence

Self-care has recently become the public’s automatic response to any stressor; the endless results of articles that pop up when you google “self-care” shows this. Had a bad day at work? Take a bath with a bath bomb. Overwhelmed with a project? Do a face mask! Is your calendar too full with brunch meetings and…

Practicing Self-Care with Problematic Family Members

Winter break comes with its perks. It’s the holiday season, it’s an extended break and if you celebrate Christmas, then it’s a time to give and receive gifts. One of the cons of winter break and the holiday season is that you are forced to spend time with your problematic uncles, aunties and cousins as your family comes together for this joyous time of year.