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Trap N’ Paint

For the fourth day of Pan-African week, paint pallets and rhythmic beats blended at Trap N’ Paint. Hosted by the Black Students Board, this event provided a space for Black students to express their creativity while surrounded...

CSA & ASU Family Feud

Pan-Afrikan Week is a week-long celebration of identities across the African diaspora. The week is significant for NC State’s Black community, acting as a time we can all celebrate and reflect upon the beauty of the Black...

Royalty Crowned at 2019 Pan-Afrikan Pageant

As a part of Pan-Afrikan Week’s festivities, the University Activities Board’s Black Students Board hosted their annual Pan-Afrikan Pageant on Wednesday, April 10. The pageant crowned Maayan Eaves, a second-year studying communication with a concentration in media, and Jordan Bullock a third-year studying animal science, as the Pan-Afrikan king and queen.

African Night Kicks Off Pan-Afrikan Week 2019

On Saturday, April 6, the African Student Union held its annual “African Night” as part of the 2019 Pan-Afrikan Week. Pan-Af Week is organized by the University Activities Board’s Black Students Board.

Pan-Af Week is Not Pan-African

The long-awaited occasion is the week where black people are supposed to come together in friendship and attend a week of events carefully curated by the hardworking people of the Black Students Board.In my experience, however, Pan-Af does not and has not lived up to the values of Pan-Africanism, the term from which the week gets its namesake.Honestly, Pan-Af is NC State’s “African-American Homecoming week with a little diasporic spice.” An African-American homecoming week would not get any opposition from me, but I wish it was much more honest about it.The week is more often about parties, outfits and being on the gram with your clique than building solidarity between people of African descent.