Pose (2021)

Nadia Hargett | Staff Writer

“Pose” was an American drama series about New York City’s
African-American and Latino-American ballroom scene throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Main character Blanca Rodriguez is a trans woman whose HIV diagnosis motivates her to begin her own “house” called House of Evangelista. This subsequently begins a rivalry with her former house, House of Abundance. The show is an emotional rollercoaster that displays how empowering and brave the LGBTQ+ community is, while also showing the sad reality of what it means to exist as a queer individual. An iconic LGBTQ+ series in its own right, “Pose” is an absolute must-watch.


When I Get Home (2019)

Micah Oliphant | Staff Writer

“When I Get Home” allows you to truly grasp the creative genius that is Solange Knowls. The album experiments with sound, using funky jazz instruments in some songs, and hip-hop/trap production in others. Solange features artists such as Playboi Carti, Sampha and Gucci Mane. The album itself doesn’t have a comprehensible theme, however, through Solange’s melodies, outstanding production and writing, she effortlessly creates a cohesive body of work. With tracks gracefully flowing into one another, it’s as if you are listening to a single thirty-nine minute song. “When I Get Home” is truly a
masterpiece and worth a listen.


Telefone (2019)
Carmella Holloway | Correspondent
Noname’s debut album, “Telefone” prioritizes vulnerability. Inspired by the candid nature of conversation, unscripted and emotional, the lyrics are delivered as if she wrote it in one take. Best shown on the track “Reality Check,” Noname raps sporadically, jumping between different scenery and characters, culminating into a reflection of complacency and fear of change. Supported by warm and nostalgic melodies, each track feels sincere and personal. An intimate album filled with creative lyricism, Telefone is a timeless
classic worth a listen.

Girlfriends (2008)

Senait Richmond | Correspondent

“Girlfriends” is a television series about the friendship between four young black women. The show takes us through their experiences with their relationships and careers. The main character, Joan, is a lawyer who has envisioned specific milestones of achievement for her life. Although successful in her career, her struggles in the romance department lead to comedic entertainment where she leans on her girls for support throughout many predicaments. Her childhood best friend, Toni, college roommate, Lynn and work assistant, Maya, all have contrasting personalities forming a dynamic blend of relatable content.