Black Student Board (BSB) hosted several events during Winter Welcome Week to help kick off the Spring semester. Starting off the semester with events curated to engage students to their student community for the first week. 

One of BSB’s most recent events was Coffee, Culture and Collab, held in Talley Student Union. Coffee, Culture and Collab was part of a “trifecta of events during Winter Welcome Week.” The other two events were Pop N’ Pop Culture and Minute To Win It

BSB has hosted several events since the completion of Coffee, Culture and Collab on Jan. 11, 2023. That same day, BSB hosted Minute to Win It in Witherspoon Cinema. The event consisted of various mini-games where students could compete against one another to win prizes. There were musical chairs, speed unrolling streamers and tik-tok inspired games. All with a DJ present to help entertain students. 

BSB also hosted Beyond the Lights on Jan. 17. Students were able to play skee-ball, cornhole, pong and air hockey. Refreshments were also available for students. Students also enjoyed free giveaways that the BSB provided.

During Coffee, Culture and Collab, refreshments, such as cinnamon rolls, grapes, pineapples, water and lemonade were available for students to enjoy. Students had the opportunity to make colorful waist beads using their creative license. Whilst students made their waistbeads, they learned about their cultural significance within the Diaspora.

Students were also able to mix essential oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil, tea tree oil and castor oil with the liberty of adding dried rose petals into their oils. In addition to waist beads and essential oils, BSB had board games out for students to play with their friends. Lastly, a BSB staff member took polaroid pictures of students who wanted one for keepsakes. 

BSB provided all the materials needed for this event; all students had to do was show up and enjoy time spent with their friends. Students also had the opportunity to make new friends at this event. Students appeared to be open and welcoming to meeting new people. 

Camilia Miles, a second-year majoring in Animal Science, attended the event with some friends. She gave her opinion to the Nubian Message.

Nubian Message: How did you hear about Coffee, Culture and Collab?

Camilia Miles: A friend had invited me to the event. She heard about Coffee, Culture, and Collab from the BSB’s Instagram account. 

NM: What was your experience when attending this event?

CM: The atmosphere was very welcoming and calm. I really enjoyed the music that was being played. Songs by SZA and Jazmin Sullivan really helped to set the tone. I also appreciated the amount of activities that BSB had on display. It was clear the event was really thought out.

NM: What were you most excited about when attending Coffee, Culture and Collab?

CM: The most exciting part for me was the opportunity to make some waistbeads. My friends were really excited to make essential oils. The activities were really engaging, which I really appreciated. 

NM: Are there any events by the BSB that you are looking forward to?

CM: Yes, actually. BSB is putting on an event called Beyond the Lights that is neon themed. I am really looking forward to that. 

The BSB was able to put on a successful event. Students were able to take a break from the pressures of school to just enjoy time well spent with friends. Although not many students showed up to the event, the ones that did clearly took advantage of the opportunity that was presented before them and enjoyed each other.

Coming up, on Jan. 26th, BSB is hosting Jubilee where students will have the opportunity to have some thought-provoking conversations with their fellow peers. This event will take place in Talley Student Union at 6 pm.