Bamboozled (2000)

Jaz Bryant | Editor-In-Chief

“Bamboozled”is a film by Spike Lee. This joint depicts two narratives of the same story: young creatives trying to make it big. Fed up with his white boss’s tactless use of AAVE, Pierre Delacroix decides to pitch a minstrel show, hoping to get fired. Instead, this idea backfires and Delacroix’s boss loves it. Delacroix approaches Manray and Womack, two struggling dancers, to participate in the show. Womack is apprehensive about participating, but Manray sees the new-age minstrel as a way to get ahead. As the show gains notoriety, some people love it for its “cheeky” depiction of race while others protest its negative representation of the Black community. This contemporary commentary on Black palatability will have you on the edge of your seat. 


Candyman (2021)

Nadia Hargett | Staff Writer

“Candyman” (2021) is a Nia DaCosta directed film that is the direct sequel of the widely known horror Candyman, released in 1992. Like its predecessor, it is centered around the legend of Candyman, the apparition of a brutally murdered slave man targeted for his affair with a white woman. When his name is said five times in the mirror, he kills the person who said it and  whoever is around them. This film explores the legend of Candyman even further.


You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty By Akwaeke Emezi (2022)

Jaz Bryant | Editor-In-Chief

“She Made a Fool of Death with Her Beauty” is a romance novel by Akwaeke Emezi. The story follows Feyi Adekola as she relearns how to live, laugh and love after the death of her husband. During the first act, Feyi meets Nasir whom she has amazing chemistry with. Nasir helps to get her art featured in a gallery in his home country. It is while Feyi is working on the galley in Nasir’s childhood home that she meets Alim, Nasir’s father. During this second act, Feyi battles her attraction to Alim while deciding how to handle her relationship with Nasir. Lines are crossed, drama unfolds and hijinks ensue. 


Love Radio By Ebony LaDelle (2022)

Jaz Bryant | Editor-In-Chief

In the book “Love Radio” by Ebony LaDelle, the characters of Prince Jones and Dani Ford have different post-graduation plans. Prince wants to apply to colleges close to home to take care of his chronically ill mother. Dani wants to go to college in New York and become an author. A chance encounter at the bookstore causes these two to meet. Through each other, Prince and Dani discover themselves.