You were among the first pages of a new chapter 

A catalyst for change

A breath of fresh air

Forcing breath into my lungs

Because baby,

You are the breath in my lungs, 

The air that I need 

Filling me with warmth and life 

With just enough to feed my desire for more 

More life, more happiness, more love, more everything


You made me realize that maybe things could be different 

That maybe pain is not the standard 

That this warmth may never go away 

That everything I desired was already mine 

That you were already mine

You, you, you

You are more captivating than you’ll ever know 

Your joy, thoughtfulness, patience, and determination

Your contagious laugh and your bright smile 

Your whack jokes and random car facts


Every single piece of you 

From the many locs on your head 

To your colorful sleeves and your lovely leg 

Oh how I love you

And ain’t nothing better than you 

You are the ‘06 to my ‘13

The ice to my fire  

My lover and best friend 

My confidant and personal roadrunner 

And I truly hope that this will never end