Like many students across the county, NC State students have lost a number of things due to COVID-19 or the CoronaVirus. The Nubian Message would like to highlight the experiences of our student body, their stories deserve to be heard. We recently sat down with Jasmine James, a graduating senior majoring in psychology, to discuss her experience.


NM: What resources or opportunities have you lost as a result of COVID-19?

JJ: As a result of COVID-19, I have lost my employment, my graduation and the opportunity to attend senior events hosted by TRIO and the African American Cultural Center. Ebony Harlem was canceled. Pan-Af Week was canceled. The biggest thing was losing my employment. I was laid off from one of my jobs with little to no sympathy. 

NM: Have you attempted to utilize any N.C. State’s resources? If so, which ones? Was it an easy process?

JJ: I’ve utilized Pack Essentials to support myself. The process was really easy and they were extremely kind in helping me. I also used the FeedthePack Food Pantry and TRIO. 

NM: Throughout all this, has NC State negatively impacted you in any way? If so, how?

JJ: NC State has negatively impacted me by not being as transparent about the circumstances as they should be. Information was coming out at different rates and I was scrambling to find answers. I still don’t have answers regarding my housing refund, any additional worker’s pay, or what will happen to my work-study. 

NM: How do you feel about beginning your transition to graduate school/ job search during a global pandemic and economic recession?

JJ: I’m extremely anxious about my transition to graduate school because I may not be able to move to the city. I may not even be able to attend class. I also can’t save up enough money to move since I lost employment and am unsure of my next steps. 

NM: Can you express the emotions you felt when told that you had to say goodbye to NC State three months before originally planned?

JJ: I was extremely hurt when I had to tell NC State goodbye three months early. I had so many people I wanted to hug and say goodbye to. Those people made a huge difference in the way I navigate campus and have changed my life’s course in such big ways. I wouldn’t have made it through college without them and I didn’t get to give them the proper goodbyes we both needed.