Hey guys,

With this being the last time we publish in October (Jesus Christ, where did the time go?), you can look forward to some Halloween content this issue. We asked around to see how old is too old to trick-or-treat, for one, and that Your Voice is on page 6. Personally, if I open my door and see a grown man or woman, I’m closing it. Once you look like you should be buying your own candy, it’s a wrap.

The opinions this issue are going to remind us of some things we should know as Halloween approaches, key among them being that culture does not equal costume, no matter how cool you think you’ll look, and that no matter how sexy the costume is, slut-shaming is pointless, irritating and potentially dangerous.

Remember BIRT, the Bias Incident Response Team? Well we got the chance to sit down with Reggie Barnes and discuss the preliminary report. Not the sexiest news, but it’s important to know what’s going on on campus, especially as it pertains to bias. Look to page 3 to see what we know so far.

Also, happy belated birthday to Mi Familia. The Latinx student org celebrated their Quinceañera on October 13 and we have pictures! Congratulations Mi Fam, and keep doing what you do.

Speaking of birthdays, I just want to put it out there that the Nubian turns 25 this year! For our anniversary, we’re planning a special issue, and we want the community to be a part of it. So if you have a favorite issue or article, or you just have something to say about the paper, email us at nubian-editor@ncsu.edu and you might see yourself in the paper. For a definite spot for your organization, you can also purchase an ad through the Student Media business office. We’re offering a 25% discount in honor of our 25th, but only for a limited time. Contact advertising@sma.ncsu.edu for details.

Now that I’m done being a commercial, I’ll sign off with this: remember to stay safe and take care of yourself and others always, but definitely with Halloween coming up. The urge to act crazy is strong this time of year. Allow me to be the proverbial black mother and remind you to act like you got some sense. But also have fun!