Photo contributed by Hailey Queen.

Submitted by Hailey Queen.

My name is Hailey Queen and I am the Coordinator of Engineering First Year programs in the College of Engineering. I am also an NCSU College of Engineering, College of Textile, and Power Sound of the South – Marching Band alumni. Additionally, I am an aunt, an arts & music enthusiast, a kitten-foster mom, a vegetarian, a fledgling gardener, and a lesbian.

I was not aware of any out professors, faculty or staff when I was in college. Being aware of out faculty and staff may have allowed me more comfort and confidence to be out during that time in my life. I joined the GLBT Faculty and Staff Network to connect and build community with other faculty and staff. I also wanted to be visible and out on campus, and to make sure I was aware of opportunities to support students on campus who are out or those who are still in a phase of self-discovery or those that might feel different or are unrepresented in some other way.

LGBT History Month is a great opportunity to highlight and celebrate how people in the LGBT community, who have historically been marginalized in our society, have and are contributing to the continued betterment of our local and global communities.

College is an awesome experience and a great time for personal growth! Growth can be fun and challenging, but regardless it’s worth it. So make the most of your time here and know that there are people on this campus who love and support you and want the best for you!