Hey family,

Thanks so much for sticking with the Nubian Message this semester. We’ve had a long semester, but I’m extremely grateful for all of you that have remained and/or become loyal readers. Because of you, our circulation is up and we have become more committed to producing quality journalism. However, none of this, including the Nubian Message itself, would be possible without the guidance, love and support of our elders, especially Mama Thorpe.

Like many of you, the first time that I met Mama Thorpe, I received one of the most warm hugs I have ever experienced. Throughout my time here at NC State, Mama Thorpe has provided me with guidance and strength when I struggled to find it and positivity when I couldn’t see it. Any interaction I’ve had with Mama Thorpe has left a lasting impression on me. And while I’m sad that she is retiring, I know that she has more than earned this.

I am fighting tears writing this letter because I don’t know if I have ever met or if I will ever again meet anyone like Mama Thorpe. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and as we prepare to say goodbye to Mama Thorpe, I challenge you all to live in her legacy.

Practice love, compassion, accountability, confidence and excellence. Do all of this in the spirit of Mama Thorpe and I promise that her work will never be in vain.

Thank you Mama Thorpe for everything; the Nubian Message wouldn’t be able to do our work without people like you.

Be blessed,