Jessica Stubbs | Staff Writer

Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, Aaron Thompson III serves as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA). In his role, he provides strategic communications support for Student Involvement, the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service (CSLEPS), Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Government and the Union Activities Board (UAB).

“NC State provided a great opportunity for me to apply my experience and skills in this field in a new context,” Thompson said.  

Thompson cites his ability to work with students as his favorite aspect of his job. “I have the opportunity to share some of the many engagement, service, leadership and development opportunities that NC State University has to offer,” he said.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see these students gain experience and realize their personal growth through our fast-paced internship,” Thompson said. “That’s what keeps me going and makes me enjoy coming to work each day.”  

Being at a predominately white institution, Thompson is aware of the impact he has the opportunity to have on students of color and the african american community on campus. When asked about his influence as a black man and within the black community, he said that he thinks more in terms of the long term impact.  “As a black male, I realize the importance of keeping an open door for students within the black community.  I wouldn’t be who I am today if it were not for the guidance of strong, black voices in my life.  So, for me, it’s not only a cool idea to pass that along.  It’s a responsibility. It’s an obligation.  Being a part of the support system for black students is very important to me.  So, no matter how hectic my days become, I keep an open door for conversations and the opportunity to support all students.”

Within the black community, he believes that his work is only beginning. He not only wants to leave a positive change for his community, but also the chance to allow others to succeed.  “I want to positively impact my community and its institutions by continuing to find ways to promote more access and more pathways for people to thrive.” He believes he can help his community make a change themselves.

Thompson never knew what others expected of him, but he set what he likes to call a purpose for himself.  In his own words, Thompson says that purpose is “to express my faith in deeds and not words, to show love and treat with dignity everyone I meet, and to promote and use education and art as means to lift underrepresented, underserved and marginalized people to places of health, wealth and prosperity in our society.”

One major project that Thompson has been working on is the Build-A-Block project, a collaboration  between NC State and Habitat for Humanity.  Over the course of the last year, he’s had the opportunity to serve on the leadership team for the ongoing Build-A-Block project. This year-long partnership between NC State and Habitat for Humanity has provided unprecedented opportunities for students to engage in service. Between now and next fall, the NC State community will work alongside Raleigh area families to set a new record of 11 homes for a building project involving a campus and Habitat. Any students interested in plugging into the Build-A-Block project can contact him for details. His office phone number is 919-515-7112 and his email is You can also drop by his office in Student Involvement in Talley Student Union.


Fun Facts about Aaron:

What is your favorite movie? 
It’s a strange tie: Friday and My Cousin Vinny 

What’s your favorite food? 
Again, I’m from Jackson, Mississippi (all things soul food)

What is your favorite color? 

What chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha are you associated with and where did you cross? 

On February 19, 2011, I crossed into the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc