Benyame Assefa | Correspondent

Newly appointed Assistant Director, Dawn Morgan, hosted her first art exhibit titled “Soul of Philanthropy: Reframed and Exhibited,” on Wednesday, Feb. 3. Following our last encounter with Ms. Morgan, the event had much build to it’s unveiling.

Kicking off the beginning of Black History Month, Ms. Morgan along with the help of Frances Graham;  Director of African American Cultural Center (AACC) coordinated with creators of the exhibit, Valaida Fullwood and Charles Thomas Jr.

Within the context of the exhibit’s name, the meaning behind this project is unveiled.

Philanthropy promotes good welfare and financially supporting individuals. However, this event promotes an idea that financial support isn’t always needed to be philanthropic. “Soul of Philanthropy: Reframed and Exhibited” presents audiences with speakers from NC State, formerly and currently, who were testament of these financial free and personal obligations.

These testaments from fellow Wolfpack members put into perspective the purpose of this exhibit; that philanthropy is deeper than your pockets. Alternatives to going further into debt involved being active in your schools communities, such as volunteering at the AACC building.

“Philanthropy comes from the soul. It’s your heart, your head, and what your hands can do. Your soul is your core,” said Fullwood.

The exhibit involved photography-drawing with lights and aluminum prints. This allowed for the black and white themed photos to illuminate throughout the exhibit in Witherspoon.

Towards the wall of the exhibit hall, a giant chalkboard with the phrase “Why I Give Back” above it. People lined up to explain why it is they give back and as a result this allowed for viewers to engage with the exhibit and be a part of the experience, as the walls filled up with writing.

The Soul of Philanthropy presents students, faculty, and welcomed guest to be a part of an interactive and soulful experience. Further steps made towards engaging viewers involved iPads for people to read up on the exhibit’s various photos.

After years in the making, this project debuted on Feb. 20, 2015.

“V was the brain behind operation. She had the shot list and project in her head the whole time,” said Thomas Jr.

The exhibit is touring and has already stopped in Denver, Houston, Charleston, Raleigh, and another eight locations scheduled for a lesson in what it means to be philanthropic.

“Being the 25th anniversary of AACC, we’re really hoping to have students and faculty engaged all month,” said Graham. Donations are currently being welcomed to the center.