A vigil will be held on Monday, Apr. 6, at 7:15 p.m. at Harris Field. Olivia Spurlock is to be  to honored by students and friends who will share their memories, stories, and poetry to bring closure to our campus and honor our dear, friend and colleague, said National Society of Black Engineers, NSBE President Yasmine Connor in an email. Spurlock was a member of the organization
Vigil program |
Welcome Hosts Welcomes Everyone for attending and provides a smooth transition into our next segment. 7:15 PM
Speaking of Olivia Stories, poetry, etc. of the memories of Olivia 7:23 PM
General Information About Coping Info University Rep from the Counseling Center to gives information about different ways to cope and to also share the different campus resources available for students 7:43 PM
Moment of Silence In honor of Olivia. Light Candles
Interactive Activity to help to promote community amongst students. 7:48 PM
Closing Interfaith Prayer: Individual to be secured by MEP
7:53 PM
Yasmine Connor is the student who is in charge of the event from the College of Engineering.
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