VERNON HOLMAN | Staff Writer

Those interested in gender role differences and the ‘nuclear family’ may have noticed some of the controversial philosophical and sociological arguments about the significance of a father figure in American society.

Actor Terry Crews recently suffered a mix of criticism and adulation over his comments and opinions on the role of a father figure.

During a visit on ABC’s The View Crews said that it was crucial for the father to be in the home.

The nation that preached the ideology of the nuclear family in the 1950’s has come to a crossroads since the social trend of single-mother households.

“What is the importance of fatherhood?” Is often a question asked today.

Crews at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International | Wikimedia Commons

Crews at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International | Wikimedia Commons

When Crews expressed his beliefs concerning the necessity of the father figure he sparked a heated debate that would last after the show’s taping. His views argue the fact that their are just some things a father can do better than a mother and vice versa, such as “their name, inheritance, confidence, and story.”

Co-host Jenny Mccarthy, a single mother, felt challenged because she said she can give her son all those things — especially confidence.

Whoopi Goldberg also challenged Crews, saying “he’s discrediting mothers.” Goldberg said every individual needs some type of father figure in their life even if it’s not biological.

Joshua Williams, a sophomore in Textile Technology said he disagrees with the idea that father figures are “supplementary when raising a child.” He said mothers are capable of raising a child on their own but, “there are lessons that a child needs that only a father figure can provide.”

“I never grew up with a father figure and I turned out fine, so I feel they aren’t needed,” said

Monisha Holley a junior, in Fashion And Textile Management. She feels Crews may have went a little overboard but does feel “a father figure is more needed for a guy more so than a woman.”

Whatever one’s opinion is the topic of single parenthood and the necessity of a father will continue to be a topic of debate.