Kierra Leggett | Editor-in-Chief

New data from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning shows that the number of African-American applicants accepted to the University for Fall 2014 has increased. In 2013, 493 African-American applicants were accepted, 45 fewer applicants than the number accepted for 2014. This increase in numbers has taken the acceptance rate of Black students from 20 percent to 25 percent.

Last semester, members of the African American Student Advisory Council formed an Action Team in response to the 20 percent acceptance rate, an all time low. Alex Pitts, AASAC Junior Class Representative and a member of the Acceptance Rate Action Team thinks that the combined efforts of AASAC and the Action Team likely contributed to the increase, but that it is going to require more work still. “The progress we have made I think is evident,” said Pitts. “ We’re definitely making an impact but its going to take some time for it to increase.”

In November, the Acceptance Rate Action Team decided on high school outreach, campus involvement of African American students beyond Pan Afrikan week, and higher student attendance at non-social AASAC events as ways to work toward increasing the acceptance rate of African American students at NC State. The team has been committed to these goals, with some members visiting their high schools over spring break to attract new African American students

According to Dr. Tracey Ray, Assistant Vice Provost of Student Diversity, these same types of efforts need to be made to encourage accepted Black students to attend the university. “I really encourage anyone who knows someone who has been accepted to reach out to them,” said Dr. Ray.

In 2013, 493 Black students were accepted into the university; however, only 215 enrolled. Of the 538 Black students who were accepted this year, only 71 are intended to enroll. Of the more than 7,000 White freshman that were accepted into the university in 2013, nearly half enrolled for the fall semester.

This year, there were 20,236 total applicants to the university– nearly 1500 less than last year. This represents a nationwide trend, according to The Star Ledger. In an article published in January, Kelly Heyboer reported that U.S. colleges have a smaller pool of applicants to choose from as the select student for 2014-2015 school year.