Shawn Murray | Staff Writer

ICartoon1t seems like in today’s music industry, beef is on everyone’s entrée, though it is more commonly associated with rappers rather than singers. The most recent helping of beef comes from R&B crooners Frank Ocean and Chris Brown, who allegedly got into a brawl outside of an LA studio parking lot over something that a lot of urban dwellers hold dear, a parking space.

Reports say that Brown was attempting to leave the studio where he was working with another recording artist, but when he got to his car, Ocean’s entourage had blocked him in. Several new sources have reported that Ocean then said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Supposedly Chris then reached over to shake Ocean’s hand as a gesture of friendship and this is where things get muddy.

The LA Times reports that one of Ocean’s associates attacked Brown, but TIME reports that one of Brown’s associates attacked first. Police arrived at the scene only to meet up with Ocean and his crew as Brown and his entourage had already left the scene. Studio security cameras caught some of the scuffle, but only the last half of it.  Also, the tape only shows the feuding singers’ cliques fighting.

I, as an avid listener of all music, am tired of hearing about these little “diva moments” that many artists are exhibiting. Have entertainers become that childish and petty to fight over something as trivial as a parking space?

Though I find the fighting petty and incredibly immature, I can sympathize with Chris Brown, who is serving a five-year probation sentence for his domestic dispute with on again-off again girlfriend Rihanna. While the media keeps bringing up his past with Rihanna, Brown has been trying to make it clear that he has made a mistake in his life, which he has accepted and is willing to move past.

I also applaud Brown, in seeing that he took the high road and made the gesture to shake Ocean’s hand as a sign of respect. But, you are the company that you keep, and I place blame on the associates of both groups. To them they may see it as a sign of protecting a member, but this situation could’ve easily been avoided.

Brown recently posted a picture of one of his paintings on Instagram. The painting was a depiction of Jesus on the cross, and the caption under it read, “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters.”

The message is clear; Brown feels as though he is being crucified in the media due to his past mistakes.

While the focus is mainly on Brown, I feel as though the media is not putting enough attention on Ocean. Although Brown does provide a bigger story due to the fact that his probation is in jeopardy (and he could face jail time if charged), Ocean remains a secondary character in the reports. No questions or statements have been made towards or about the Odd Future crooner except that Ocean is seeking to press charges.

Ocean was the clear bully in this situation, these are facts people, deal with it. Why instigate trouble over a parking space? Why claim that it’s “ my studio” when really its a studio for all artists to work in?

Granted he did pay for studio time, but still, all this trouble could have been over looked. Brown was in the act of leaving, therefore none of Ocean’s money and valuable studio time would have been wasted. The way I see it, Ocean pretty much just wasted studio fees by fighting over that parking space that he held near and dear for some reason. My theory is that Ocean just wanted to prove to Brown that he runs it when it comes to parking spaces.

In the midst of it all, fans of both Chris Brown and Frank Ocean remain eager bystanders as this tornado of drama flies around the room. Information on the fight has been pouring in literally by the hour and I’m sure fans of both Grammy nominated artists are ready to see the outcome.