UPDATE:  Wednesday the two-week suspension was lifted from the NCCU Marching Band. All 36 members of the band will be required to attend a mandatory hazing prevention workshop and they also must complete 10-hours of community service.

Ryan Banres | Staff Writer

The 36-member drumline of North Carolina Central University was suspended from performing at all university events after hazing allegations were brought up against it last week. This suspension kept members of the band from taking to the field at last Saturday’s Bull City Gridiron Classic matchup against Duke University.

James Jenkins, a junior at North Carolina Central who is majoring in mass communications, said this of the drumline’s suspension: “I was surprised, everybody was surprised because it was just so random. No one heard of any investigation, just the immediate news that the drumline had been placed on probation.”

While he was not present at Saturday’s football game, Jenkins had several friends who were in attendance.

“I heard the game wasn’t as fun without the drumline,” said Jenkins.

Corey Dukes, an alumnus of NCCU said this of the bands suspension: “I hope it gets settled and it’s not as serious as it has been made out to be so they can keep performing. Central and Durham in general already have a bad reputation and this just added to it.”

Outlawed in North Carolina by the N.C. General Statute Chapter 14 Article Nine, all people involved directly or indirectly in hazing will face legal disciplinary action, should the claims prove to be true.

NCCU’s drumline is not the only band to find itself in trouble regarding hazing.

Last year, on Nov. 19, Robert Champion Jr., a Florida A&M University band member, died from shock due to severe internal bleeding after he was beaten with drumsticks and mallets during one of the band’s routine hazing rituals. As a result of Champion’s death, 13 people were criminally charged and the FAMU Marching “100” band has been suspend. Champion’s family has also filed a lawsuit against the university.

Members of the NCCU drumline will remain suspended from performing until NCCU campus police have finished investigating the matter.