Recently, The Nubian Message had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Kornelius Bascombe, a Senior in Sociology. This year he had the opportunity to host segments of Time Warner’s show “Born to Shine,” which is a show that celebrates African American culture and the leaders who are shining every day. He was also a participant in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Your OWN Show” competition where he garnered nearly 6 million votes in the contest.

Nubian Message: What made you decide to pursue a career in the media?

Kornelius Bascombe: “What made me decide to pursue a career in the media was a friend and their interest in media… I had no clue what TV was all about. Before pursuing media, I was a criminology major and wanted to become a police officer. My friend Demi and other fraternity members encouraged me to pursue media, because of my personality. Then I entered a contest to get my OWN show on Oprah’s OWN network. After competing in the Oprah contest, I received a lot of great feedback, and thought to myself that this is something that I could see myself doing. After that, I won a contest to host “Born to Shine” with Time Warner and was successful with that.” 

Nubian: What are your plans following graduation?

Kornelius: “After graduation, I plan to move to LA where I will be pursuing more media opportunities. Time Warner is great, but one opportunity is not enough especially the media field. You have to consistently be doing more than one thing to stay ahead of the rest. You can’t be complacent. This is just the beginning.” 

Nubian: Has it been tough taking on a hosting position, while continuing to balance this with being a student in college?

Kornelius: “Yes, most definitely. Managing my time, studying, going to student events can be pretty tough in addition to being a host; Having to travel to tapings and participating in forums for the show. However, being a senior this year has made it much easier.” 

Nubian: Do you believe that you have balanced this pretty well?

Kornelius: “Yeah, because not many people are able to be in college and host a TV show. The NC State has been so supportive. The faculty, staff, and students have given me lots of encouragement. It’s great having a family that supports me in everything that I do. I feel like the people on this campus are my family. I also serve as a role model to some students who might look up to me.” 

Nubian: What advice would you give to any student who possibly wants to get a job in the media or even the entertainment business?

Kornelius: “Don’t wait for the opporutunity to come to you… You have to start developing your own opportunities now. No matter what you want to do, whether it’s singing, rapping, acting, you have to start now. While you’re sleeping, someone else is working their butt off. You have to be grinding your chops. You have to start contacting media agencies and different production companies. No Dream is too big. I dream of being the next X Factor or American Idol host.” 

Nubian: What doors has “Born to Shine” opened up for you?

Kornelius: “I’ve hosted numerous talk shows, live events (shows on campus and across North Carolina). This opportunity has also opened the door to many connections and networking opportunities. I’ve been able to connect with the producers, writers, and directors of the show. Also, having the Time Warner title holds a lot of weight. When I introduce myself and say that I’ve worked for Time Warner, it helps a lot. Many of the producers of the show serve freelance, and could have potential opportunities for me down the road.” 

Nubian: What is your ultimate career goal?

Kornelius: “I want to have my own night time talk show or daytime talk show. Do a little more acting, but I more so want to tell people’s stories and empower the community. I would like to be the next Conan, Jay Leno, or Oprah. I want to do something fun, and not too serious. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to have fun.”

Nubian: What is your motivation for success?

Kornelius: “The idea that I have to become successful. I come from a background of not having much. I have to be successful for my family, myself, and for my future family. I have to show them that you can make it. If you work hard, anyone can make it. My internal motivation is having the mindset, that if I do this and do that, I can be the next host of my own television show. I like to set high and unattainable goals. The moment I feel like I’m edging toward this goal… I set another one. There are moments when I’m down, and it can be challenging, but I keep telling myself, that I can do it. Nobody is responsible with for my successful, but me. I also make sure to surround myself with positive people, my family, and friends.” 

Nubian: If you weren’t pursuing a career in the media, what would you like to do?

Kornelius: “Social work or Law enforcement, more so Federal. I would want to do something dealing with family and kids.” 

Nubian: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Kornelius: “No Problem.”