Hind Malik | Staff Writer
Today, the world mourns the loss of a talented singer, a beautiful and great woman, a survivor who became the beloved and role model to great many. Her music legacy delivered  more than pure entertainment, it rather delivered messages that at time helped us celebrate and express our most intimate and complicated feelings of love while at other times, her voice was the nudge of encouragement we needed to stand tall and strong regardless of adversity  and ‘Just Believe.’ To the broken hearted, her gentle voice provided solace while her powerful and spirited vocals proposed assurance that ‘It’s Not Right but It’s okay.’ You  are going to make it anyway.’ You will just have to take it ‘Step by Step’ and not be afraid to ‘Try It on your Own.’ You just have to remember and ‘keep it real.’ That is the power of Houston’s music that entertains while delivering guidance and wisdom of love, life, and pursuit of happiness.My words fall short to commemorate this legendary woman. Indeed, she is ‘Every Woman’ who in the short years lived managed to produce an immortal legacy that is forever carved across the entertainment industry, memories and hearts of millions. Undeniably, she has physically left us but her legacy will live on as her music and films continue be played and replayed.Thank you, Whitney for generously sharing your life and your exceptional talent with us. You are ‘The Greatest Love of All’ and you will be missed dearly. May you rest in peace.