CJ Guion | Editor – In – Chief

This morning around 10:30 AM, a bank robber fled to campus after robbing the Capital Bank in the 2100 block of Clark Avenue.

The Wolf Alert system notified all students that it was an emergency and that they needed to take shelter immediately. The suspect was able to reach Winston Hall before he was apprehended by police. Many students watched anxiously as this all unfolded before their eyes.

Deputy Chief Jon Barnwell said that the specifics of the actual bank robbery are being handled by Raleigh police.

One main concern with this emergency was that students, faculty, and staff were told to take shelter, but were not notified what they should be taking shelter from. If it wasn’t for social media networks most people would have been clueless as to what was truly unfolding.

Jim Sughrue of the Raleigh Police Department said that they will be releasing a public statement sometime later today.

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