A Stanford law Professor wrote a book called, “Is Marriage for White People,” states that most Black Americans are not getting married. Studies prove that black women have surprised black men economically. These women then have a scarce supply of men that they can choose from in the pool of love. What do women decide to do? Refuse to marry. Black women are more geared to marrying a man of a different race than to choose a black man that does not make as much money as her.

Many college students don’t even think of marriage because they usually want to focus on school. However we are still aware of what’s to come ahead. If women are choosing not to marry our men, who are not as successful as they are, then what about the men who are successful. One out of four black men will end up in jail; many will not make it to college. The percentage of black males that do make it to college is lower than the percentage of black women.

So if you haven’t realized the problem yet let me set up the scenario for you. If you see a black woman walking with a white male hand in hand the question that may come up is, “Why didn’t that beautiful woman marry a black guy.” The answer is there may not have been a black guy to meet her standards. There may be black guys who wouldn’t treat her as well as a white male, or any other race would. Black males are missing out on women who will benefit them most because they are too lazy to satisfy their woman or afraid of commitment.