Tonight, the Xi Zeta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences – Multicultural Association of Students (CHASS-MAS) will be hosting a program entitled State of NC STATE: A Leadership Summit, which will examine and tackle detrimental issues facing the NC State community.

The issues of diversity, Talley’s construction, and budget cuts will be part of a list of various topics for discussion. A roundtable of panelists will lead the discussion; however students will be able to receive answers to their questions from the guest panelists which includes: AASAC president Mario Terry, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Diversity Dr. Tracey Ray, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Thomas Stafford, as well as Nubian Message Editor CJ Guion and various other hosts.

As Eric Laws, a brother of Phi Beta Sigma stated, “The purpose of the program is to inform primarily, but not limited to students who have issues and concerns about issues facing our campus. Students wonder why tuition has risen, and why construction is continuously going on while our school is suffering from budget cuts.”

Traditionally, around the start of the school year CHASS-MAS and Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc. co-host “Learning the Ropes”, a program comprised for freshmen; however this year the two hosts have decided to take a different path. Shana Moore, President of CHASS-MAS said, “we decided to re-conceptualize the program, because as of late freshmen are not the only ones misinformed about changes on campus. It can be confusing to any student.”

Ashley Davis, Vice President of CHASS-MAS, believes that programs such as “Learning the Ropes” no longer serve the purpose that they use to, primarily due to the fact that students generally attend African American Symposium before classes start, and eventually all the advice and information becomes redundant.

Davis states, “In the mist of the recent budget cuts and all of the university changes I feel that it is very important that all students, no matter their classification, should attend. It is especially important for freshmen because they can learn what has taken place just recently and what is in store to come. It is important for upperclassmen because some of them may not even be aware of some of the things happening. This also gives everyone a chance to ask questions to NC State leaders who they may not be able to talk to any other time.”

Shana Moore believes that it was an amazing idea to work with Phi Beta Sigma, Inc because both organizations were founded on service and are highly committed to helping students with on campus issues.

The program commences tonight in Riddick Hall Lounge promptly at 7:14 PM.