Attending the African-American Symposium was a great experience. It provided networking opportunities with other freshmen as well as upper-classmen; and it also provided an abundance of information about our campus resources and support services. The symposium also gave the students a chance to meet with very successful African-American faculty and staff.

Prior to arrival, most of the students, myself included, main intention was to move-in early and of course pick the side of the room we favored. However, we gained more than that. After attending the African-American Symposium, we all felt we acquired more information than those who had not attended. Attending this event gave us a chance to talk with one another and discuss our main concerns and our goals for the upcoming school-year.

Upon arrival, we were split into groups with the people who are in the same college later being brought back together with everyone. This was a great way to get to know students who you are most likely to see around the most, having attended the same college. Later in the evening, we had the advantage of meeting other incoming freshmen who were attending the symposium as well.

One of the key things I personally felt was a great word of advice that a student leader offered was to introduce oneself by saying, “I am…”, rather than saying, “My name is…” This was a helpful tip because it is a more formal way of introducing oneself. Another key thing we were told was to keep in mind that we were not in a “competition” and we were encouraged to help and support one another.

In all, attending the African-American Symposium gave me a chance to make new friends as well as catch up with friends made during New Student Orientation. I would recommend this event to all incoming freshmen, even to those who are not African-American so everyone would have a chance to learn more about the school and its multi-cultural affairs. I hope this event continues so that all incoming students and transfers have a chance to experience the fun and helpful information he/ she would need while at NC State.