By CJ Guion, Editor-In-Chief

Thursday afternoon around 2:30 PM, police cars, EMS vehicles, and fire trucks filled the premises of the Wolf Creek student apartments following a shooting.  Reports indicate that one non-student Jerrell Goings was shot in the leg.

Also, according to the report, two suspects were seen entering 307-208 Wolf Green Drive shortly before the incident and fled from the scene shortly after the shooting occurred. It is unclear at the time, as to whether or not Goings was a part of an attempted robbery that also occurred as the residence or an innocent bystander.

The investigation is ongoing.  As of 5:30 PM, news trucks remain on site.

Wolf Creek Apartments is located off of Hillsborough St. at 403 Wolf Creek Circle and  serves as an off-campus housing community for students at NC State, Shaw, Meredith, St. Augustine’s, and Peace College.

Update: Police have suspects in custody, but have not released the names or numbers of suspects