By CJ Guion

The city of Raleigh is still in the process of recovery after a tornado ravaged through the area on April 16th. Many homes and businesses were damaged. Shaw University was forced to end eight days early after several dormitories and the university’s student center was damaged.

In a report released by the city of Raleigh last weekend, it was announced that the area received over $115 million dollars worth of damage to homes and commercial establishments. An estimated 138 homes and six businesses were damaged, and another 2,269 homes and businesses received either major or minor damage. Northeast and Southeast Raleigh were the areas that were hit the hardest.

Residents and students in the Triangle area have branched together to help out the victims of the tornado.

Last week, students from around the Raleigh-Durham area joined together to clean up the boys and Girls club of Raleigh on Wednesday and Shaw University on Thursday. Students from UNC, NC State, Shaw, Duke, St. Aug, Meredith, Peace, North Carolina Central, and A&T were able to set aside their rivalries for a couple hours to help out a community in need. It is said in times of crisis we rush to the aid of others, but to fail to help our own. In this case, the Raleigh residents and students in the area have proved that this saying is false. On Friday, Radio One of Raleigh hosted a tornado relief food drive at Kroger on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Some people donated entire carts of food and water, taking the time to think of others rather than themselves. Truly, this was a class act.