By Sampson Bloh

Last week Baylor University became the latest Christian University on the hot seat for refusing to welcome gays and lesbian clubs on campus. The Administration from the religious university not believes the idea that homosexuality is a sin but is refusing to allow gays and lesbian students to express their sexuality, and have made it known that it is determined
to fight homosexuality on campus.

Many LGBT students and activist at Baylor University say that they too are determined to get the recognition that they deserve. They want to be able to be themselves without worrying that the administration is watching. Many students say that they are concerned about the possibility of punishment. Coming out of the closet, for some students is not an easy thing.

They want to the option of being able to hold hands and walk about on campus with love ones as well as being able to associate with the gays and lesbian communities, but they fear that they could face disciplinary actions from the school if the school is notified of their homosexual orientation. For some students, it is their scholarship that they worry about the most.

The university could be deny scholarships and funds as a means of setting an example of LGBT students and other activists. Also, other students worry that
they could face the worse disciplinary action which is getting kicked out of school. Students want to be able to move about on campus without feeling unwelcome because of their sexual orientation. This is a very interesting situation because Baylor University, despite its promise to welcome student from all stars and stripes is not keeping its promise.

It is very sad that the university in unwilling to allow the formation of LGBT clubs on campus. It is the students’ right to be who they are and it is their right to have options of forming organizations that make them comfortable. But on the other hand student should also realized that Baylor is a Christian university and has the right to take any claim against homosexuality that it feels necessary in order to protect its religious beliefs. But at the same time Baylor and other religious colleges need to realize that the world has changed. The majority of their student body would never be hard core Christians. Also, a person’s sexual orientation does not dictate if or not a person should serve of walk among god’s children. They student body would have many different orientations and even ones that might be against the school’s policy. Baylor is a university, a scholarly environment not a church.