By CJ Guion

Have you ever indulged in a guilty pleasure that you would feel ashamed to say that you participate in? For many college students, World Star Hip Hop could be on that list.  If a slogan could be used to describe, it would could be coined “Ignorant Entertainment.”

World Star Hip Hop is a website that features Hip Hop videos and homemade uploads of African Americans in embarrassing situations that live up to stereotypes cast upon the race by the outside world.  The site ranked 225 in site traffic within the United States, falls just three spots below While a ranking of 225 may not sound significant on paper, you really have to take into account just how many websites exists in the World Wide Web spectrum.
If you were to ever visit the site you would be likely to see videos containing people fighting outside of a church because a pastor was fired. There may even be kids having intimate relations in a public place such as on the campus of UNCG. There’s even a hot dog stand using insults and vulgarity to draw in customers.

This past weekend, a video was uploaded to the site, entitled “Madness: A Whole Block Comes Out To Brawl”. The video featured a group of African American females in an unidentified neighborhood fighting senselessly outside their homes while their children and by-standers witnessing the entire spectacle.

One thing that people do not realize about websites like ‘Worldstar’ is that it may be the only encounter that some people have with the African American race. These things have the tendency to influence first time perceptions one might have with a person of the group.

One video that can attest to this was uploaded by a Caucasian female student in college. The video entitled “College Student on Black Men,” displays a female college student who believes she has learned everything she needs to know about black people during her time in college. The student states that she has learned in college that black men have “this thing in their hair that’s like the ocean,” and that she can’t understand why people would want waves in their hair. She also believes that when black men don’t have a wall to grind on someone at the club “they makeshift with their boys”. Lastly she states that she believes that most black women have no real hair. One thing that can be said after watching this video is that the college which this student is enrolled in should intercept her degree, because it is obvious that she has learned nothing at the institution.

What makes this situation appalling is the fact that these videos have been broadcast worldwide for everyone to see. The interesting thing is that there are truly people out there who share the same feelings as the White student and we may be interacting with them every day. They could be sitting next to you in the classroom, they could be the interviewer at the next potential job, or they could be the person at the bank who signs the loan for your business.  The videos that are viewed for entertainment on World Star Hip Hop have a tremendous impact of you, even if you believe that is not the case.

Everyone is entitled to watch what they wish, but you may want to rethink this the next time you see a video that links to this site. The owner is making millions of dollars every time you visit his website, and what 9th grade high school dropout/former porn host would give up all of that to uplift the African American race, especially during the recession we live in.