By: CJ Guion/Staff Writer

I’ve been reading so many perspectives from females on lack of respect from men and rants of how men of today are no good. I personally think that the issue with that assumption is that females are clearly looking in the wrong direction for men. Some women seem to set unrealistic standards of what they expect to find in a man. They don’t realize that the men around here are college students just as they are. They are trying to achieve the same goals that you are. Maybe it’s not the issue of the men out there, it’s the issue of where you are searching for your compatible significant other.

In class one day, we were having discussions about male/female relationships and the number one thing that girls always say is that they want a man with money. It doesn’t seem like they have an issue with where the man is getting money from as long as he has material objects to shower them with. So basically you’re saying that you’d date a drug dealer as long as he has money to take you on dates to Red Lobster as if he would do that anyway? Besides, college students have bills to pay and simply can’t afford to wine and dine every weekend. If the guy is in college and he’s on the right path, they will more than likely have money eventually. You are not  in a music video, and this is real life. You want to be Ms. Independent one minute, and catered to the next. They also said they wanted a man with a car and no kids. However, if the roles were reversed they would be mad if a man said that he didn’t want to date them because they had kids. He doesn’t want to deal with drama just the same as you.

Some women also seem to chase after what they truly can’t have. This could include men which are clearly in a relationship or men who don’t want a serious relationship. If a man leaves his girlfriend to date you, chances are he will do the same thing to you that he did to her. Do you really want a man who can’t be faithful in a relationship? Go find a man that is single. Also, why is it that some females seem to think they can change a man who doesn’t want to be changed? If he clearly tells you in the first place that he only wants to be “friends”, don’t think that if you have sex with him long enough he will begin to love you. It is hard to start a relationship backwards. This means sex first and then trying to work your way back to a friendship. It might work for some people, but for most it doesn’t. If he did the same thing with women before you, chances are that you might not be the one to change his ways.

Some women also don’t seem to be consistent in following the long list of characteristics which they look for in a man. They say they want a man who is intelligent, is making something of himself, attractive, and carries himself in a good way. However, they are always on the arms of the complete opposite. Since, they can’t find a man that meets their high standards, they settle for a thug who’s dumb as bricks living in his parents home. Why go another route, just because you can’t find a perfect man who meets every standard you set. What’s worst? a compromise or just completely settling for less. One of the last issues is women who perform wifely duties as if they are already married and expect men to really respect them. This would be the girls who do their boyfriend’s laundry and clean up after him. A man doesn’t want anything serious with a woman who he can walk all over. He won’t respect you and he more than likely will not marry you if he is reaping the benefits of a marriage without actually being married. Of course the guy is going to keep you if he has a personal maid. Just know that he won’t value you much.  Don’t center you life around your boyfriend. Have something going for yourself. Have a life of you own that doesn’t revolve around your man. Have your own space and let him have his when the time is right.

Sometimes it seems like some women say they want one thing, yet they go for another. They post status updates about how they are tired of being mistreated, but yet they continue to stick around. You are young and you have your whole life ahead of you. There are men out there, you just have to look harder. Tomorrow isn’t promised and you don’t want to wake up the next morning and realize that you wasted precious moments on the wrong person. Every man is not going to meet every single standard you set, but I’m sure there are some who can come close.