The first kind is sighting. The second is evidence of existence. The third is contact with the unknown, and the Fourth, abduction. This is the topic of the film, The Fourth Kind, by Olatunde Osunsanmi. In the trailer the main character, an actress Milla Jovovich, identifies herself and states that every scene that appears in the film can be backed up by film evidence. The movie tells the story of psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler. In the film while treating her patients with a type of hypnosis called hypnotherapy, she stumbles upon her patients belief that they were abducted by aliens. Throughout the trailer there is the appearance of home videos as Dr. Tyler interrogates her patients. They seemed scared and as if something had indeed happened to them, adding to the idea that this movie could be real. This is indicated by in one scene, someone speaking in Samarian, the oldest known language on earth. There was a pre-screening here at N.C. State University of the the movie and Britné Hackett, a sophomore in biomedical engineering states, “The movie was not scary, but it was abnormal. It made you think that aliens could actually abduct you and nobody would know.” This leads into a bigger question, is there intelligent life outside of planet earth that has the ability to come abduct us and use us for experiments without the majority of the population ever knowing. Of course there is heated debate over the topic and I will not get into it, but there are people who believe both sides. I am very interested in the release of the film.