In many situations in America parents tell their children to not date outside their race. When I was in high school I had a Caucasian friend who was on the cheerleading squad, and a lot of African American boys liked her. She would speak to them and flirt with them, but she would never date them. I took it upon myself to ask her, would she ever date a black guy? She responded, “Girl no, my parents would kill me. Situations like these are all over America despite your race.  America has come a long way from segregation and Jim Crow laws, but some things never change. Everyday people in America try to overcome the obstacles of being divided by coming together in courtship and dating.

Every year more African American women are starting to date Caucasian men, and as the tables turn, it is starting to upset a lot of African American men. African American men look at the African American woman as if she thinks she is too good for them because she is educated and/or with a white man. Which in a way I can see, where they are coming from, but they should not oppose to her solely because she went and got her education and they did not. African American men need to step up to the plate and get their education and stop with all the negativity in life, and then maybe they can find themselves educated African American women. However, nine times out of ten, when a black man becomes successful he will date a white woman.

When an black male dates a white woman the couple is frowned upon; while stereotypes such as “white girls will call rape” and “white women only date successful black men for their money.” Some African American women may argue that there are not enough successful African American men to go around, and the ones that they do have are either dating Caucasian women, in jail, or are not interested in women at all. Nevertheless, this seems to be the reason why some African American women date white men. Strong African American women want men that can match their education level and a lot of African American men are falling short of an education.

Some African Americans may argue that interracial dating is just another way to keep their race down, because when you take time to think about it the only people that are capable of making the typical African American child is an African American man and woman, so if you separate them eventually the African American race will become extinct. However, this is not other races’ fault. It is the African American and Caucasian  race that needs to step up and play their part in education and society because the imbalance is on both sides of the ethnic groups. The white guy may have his reasons for dating an black woman and the white women may have their reasons for dating an black man.

Despite what people may think, I believe that if you are in an interracial relationship then you should stick to it. There will be obstacles that you may have to deal with the occasional stares, the rude remarks, etc, but it will only make your relationship stronger in the end. Love has no shape, form, or color.