Everyone knows that we all go to an incredible school, but despite of this, many of the students are suffering due to the economic crisis. However, I feel as if some of the changes, due to this crisis, are unnecessary.

For example, a few c-stores (university dining convenience stores) on campus have been remodeled and additionally prices have fluctuated, causing students to spend more board bucks than normal. Usually, around 300 board bucks would last me until the end of each semester, but from the way things are looking I may have to begin using my debit card in order to pay for the amount that I go over on meals. The change may have made the school’s stores look a little bit more attractive, but it was perfectly fine with the lower prices and descent stores.

At the beginning of the semester many students received emails from teachers telling each of their students that they had to print the syllabus for the class themselves. According to Vikki Hwang, a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences, “I hate it when we have to print our own syllabi and pay extra money for online assignments. We are already paying a lot of money for college. Little things like this should be covered.” For many students this leaves the question of how exactly is our tuition being used? It is self-explanatory that we need food, room and board, and books, but where does the rest of it go? According to CFNC.org (College Foundation of North Carolina) “Out of state students pay an average of $16,158 for tuition alone and  in state students pay an average of $3,860 for tuition alone (Moreover, the room and board costs an extra $7,892 average). On top of all that, tuition increased from last year, as it does every school year. These circumstances drive me to take a look at how many students are attending this school, and wonder where is all this money going?  Possibly, to dishonest politicians and chancellors?

I personally think that the school collects money to spend on whatever they please, putting the needs and wants of the students last. For example, organizations and events are suffering due to the lack of funding. Last year during our Pack Howl Homecoming Concert we had top notch performers such as the band N.E.R.D. and rapper Common presented to us, but according to outside sources we no longer have the funds to bring famous bands and artists to perform this year, and maybe even the next. We may have to resort to local bands performing this year. We pay tuition so why can’t we have the performers that we want and desire? I strongly feel as if the freshmen are being cheated out of their college experiences due to this lack of funding. They will not get to see Boyz II Men like upperclassmen did at last year’s Friday Fest concert or other amazing performers this year, and it was those experiences that made myself and others fall in love with this school. I hear my fellow peers complaining about the events this year and saying they are going to attend other events at other schools because it will be a more exciting experience. As far as organizations are concerned students have to put in more money for fees, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous items that use to be free.

I admit that the economy has played a part in finances, but I really think that the school may be over exaggerating the effects of the economy because officials are saying we do not have enough money to do this and that, but yet we see a lot of unnecessary things being invested in.