Interracial relationships in the American culture are becoming accepted day by day, but it is still a sensitive topic to discuss. It becomes even more sensitive when that relationship involves a black man with a white woman. Even thought this is one of the most common types of interracial relationship, it is also considered one of the most controversial.  The reason there is so much attention on this practical type of relationship is because both sides of the playing field, meaning white and black people, have strong feelings towards the combination of a black man with a white women.

Out of the two, interracial relationships are more so looked down on in the white community, for the simple fact of image. No white male wants to go tell his golfing buddies that his daughter brought home a black man.  Like a lot of people they tend to live their lives in the eyes of what others think, and they feel that if their child did bring home a black boy they would become a laughing stock, as well as having to face the hardships that they feel is yet to come. They don’t want to discuss the qualities that the young man might have, because they are too distracted by the color of his skin. It is as if they rather have their daughter dating a white man they might treat her like trash, instead of a black man that might treat her like a queen. The reason behind that is because at least then they wouldn’t have to explain to their friends that their daughter is dating a black boy. Now I could go deep into the subject and talk about the racism this black and white couple may face but I am sure we are all aware that.

Now as hard as it is, we have to admit that black people pass judgment just as well, and it usually seems to be black women who are doing the judging. We tend to look down on black men and white women together, because we usually see a good looking brother in the arms of white women and we tend to start questioning it. There is only a hand full of good black men out there, and with white women getting their paws on them, that population is decreasing. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means  saying that white women  are taking all the good black men, I am simply stating that the number is decreasing due to certain factors and one of those factors just so happen to be white women. So it’s not as if black women are just turning their heads at white women, but they are turning their heads at any factor that decreases that number, such as other black women or even men for that matter.

Whether you are black or white, nine times out of ten you have passed some kind of judgment on this type of interracial relationship, rather it be the stereotypical ones like “he’s only with her for the things she can do” or the more serious ones. People are going to talk and there is always going to be people that disapprove of this type of relationship, but if you are happy and satisfied why does it matter?

I hate it when black men are with white women try and walk away from them when they see black women coming in their direction. It makes you look real dumb, because nine times out of ten we saw you before you saw us. Additionally, you making yourself look like a jerk in front of your girl. So just be happy with what you have and don’t worry about what other people think of it.