The Black Finesse Modeling Troupe hosted the “Your Style, Your Swag” modeling competition at Stewart Theater, Talley Student Center on Mar. 30.  Kornelius Bascombe, junior in criminology/political Science and Candace Lee senior in agri-business. The audience experienced a real treat from competitors of the modeling troupes from East Carolina University, Shaw University, Winston Salem State University, St. Augustine’s College and North Carolina Central University.

The judges included Black Finesse Modeling Troupe directors Brian Riddick and Michael Mills an NCSU Alumni. With Pan-Afrikan in full effect, the show was jumps started with a friendly classification call outs to warm-up the audience and prepare them for the performances to come. Black Finesse Modeling Troupe opened the show by modeling fabrics of neutral browns, blacks, and greens in a safari inspired theme.

“You could truly see the confidence, creativity, poise, elegance, personality, and individuality, in each Black Finesse member that night” They were truly living up to their purpose, and I was proud, said Maritza T. Adonis, former Black Finesse model and junior double majoring in political science and sociology with a minor in biological sciences.

East Carolina State University’s Icon Modeling Troupe presented the audience with a boxer theme modeling in boxer’s attire and athletic wear behind a ring-like background. The choreography was smooth, relaxed and very creative.

Shaw University’s Pure Raw Couture Modeling Troupe styled the runway in black lace, sheer black fabric, and white blazers to give off a vampire-like, romantic, gothic theme to their performance.

N.C. State’s Commercial Break Dance Company performed for the intermission of the show giving the judges enough time to think about the performances that had taken place.

“I thought that the Black Finesse Modeling Troupe did a great job. The outfits were very coordinated and stylish. Winston Salem Modeling Troupe ‘Models of Destruction’ had a great energy and charisma with their coming to America theme. All in all, I really enjoyed the show.” said Rasoul Butler, a sophomore majoring in fashion and textile management with a concentration in fashion development and product management.

The judges were left to make a tough decision on which competitors would take home the first place title in the competition. Evalesco Modeling Troupe from North Carolina Central University were announced winners of the competition, gracing the audience with their 1920’s, Chicago inspired clothing and choreography. Modeling in shades of black, red and other deep colored attire, they stole the show with their fierce walks and confident attitudes.  The judges announced a tie for the third place winner, leaving East Carolina University’s Icon Modeling Troupe to battle it out in a walk off against the St. Augustine’s College, Belle J’Adore Modeling Troupe for the third place title. In the end, Belle J’Adore modeling troupe won the walk off leaving them to walk away from the competition as the third place title winners.

“The show was a great extension of the Pan-Afrikan events. It was a great exhibition of the African American experience at North Carolina State University. I really enjoyed their creative efforts to our week on campus” said Christina Oxendine, senior, majoring in statistics.

Black Finesse ended the show with a performance, modeling bright silk dresses and flashy tailored suits. Ultimately, the show was a great way to jump start NCSU Pan-Afrikan week. It gave the African American freshmen on campus a real taste of the Pan-Afrikan experience so they may have something to look forward for the upcoming years at state. Not to mention that it showed surrounding schools modeling Troupes and their competitive drive. Pan Afrikan is always a great week of events to really come together and enjoy the college festivities on campus.